Where can I buy the books in the I Wanna series?
While we are proud to support local independent book stores who would surely be able to order them for you directly from Putnam Books (if not already in stock), we also suggest any of the big box book stores like Barnes and Noble or online at places like Amazon.com. Click here to buy.

Do the Author and Illustrator do school visits?
Yes…. while both Karen Kaufman Orloff and David Catrow are always very busy working on their next project, they love to visit schools whenever they can. To find out how to reach them, visit their websites:     
Karen can be found via her website : karenkaufmanorloff.com
David Catrow may be reached through his web site : catrow.com

Are there any live shows or cartoons coming up?
While there are currently no Broadway plays, movies or cartoon series coming up, you can find an episode of "Between The Lions" Episode #705 – which featured "I Wanna Iguana."

I have a question I would like to ask the Author and Illustrator directly, how might I do that?
You can contact them directly:     
Karen Orloff can be contacted at karenkaufmanorloff.com  or email her at kkorloff@gmail.com
​David Catrow may be reached through his web site : catrow.com