The “I WANNA” BOOK series. This site is based on the award winning books. The content found here is designed to help celebrate the enjoyment, teachings and values of this popular Putnam Books series. Written by Karen Kaufman Orloff and illustrated by David Catrow, there are currently three titles to this series including :   
• I Wanna Iguana      
• I Wanna New Room   
• I Wanna Go Home

The books feature the young Alex, his siblings and his fun loving family and pets. In each new situation, Alex tries to convince his parents to let him have what he wants. Through back-and-forth letters, each of them tries to persuade the other to their point of view. The colorful detailed illustrations of David Catrow keep the kids laughing and engaged, while the fun back-and-forth banter, created by Karen Kaufman Orloff, keeps both kids and adults in stitches.