Persuasive Writing Lesson Plans for students (grades 2 – 4):

​1. In the first few emails of “I Wanna Go Home,” Alex states why he doesn’t want to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Identify his argument and explain why or why not this will convince his parents to let him stay home.

2. Alex does not seem happy to be at his grandparent’s house in the beginning of “I Wanna Go Home.”  Make a list of all the things Alex doesn’t like. Next to each thing, state the kind of mood you think Alex is in, such as “bored” or “scared.” Then write what puts you in that particular mood.

Example:  In Alex’s second letter, he says Grandpa doesn’t have real teeth and that they look like killer jellyfish.  He is scared. I am scared of monsters.

3. During the book, “I Wanna Go Home,” Alex’s mood starts to change. He starts to have fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s. How does the reader know? What are some of the sentences in the book that tell us this?

Letter Writing:

“I Wanna Go Home” uses various techniques of communicating from letter writing to email. Write down and discuss all the ways people communicate.
- Telephone
- Videos
- Early forms including the telegraph (morse code) or even smoke signals

2. Have the children write their own letters: 
- Ask the teacher for something special for the classroom
- Ask their classmates to do a special activity
- Pick their favorite food and persuade the school cafeteria to make it for lunch


In "I Wana Go Home" Alex uses many words to express what he sees and how he feels. Below is a list of some of the words Alex used. Define them and use them in a sentence:
1. Nervous
2. Swamp
3. Square dance
4. Concerned
5. Artistic
6. Suspicious     

Essay Writing Topic

In “I Wanna Go Home,” Alex seems confused about the habits of “Older People.” But he soon realizes that old people can have just as much fun as young people. Do you know someone in your life who is “old?” What are some of the things they do to have fun? What would you like to do with them?

Games and Activities

Below are some games and activities for your kids or the classroom. Select and click on the desired link below, drag image to desktop and print.

Grandpa and Alex Coloring Page                 Alex Finding Iggy Maze               I Wanna Go Home Word Search