Persuasive Writing Lesson Plans for students (grades 2 – 4 ):

1. Alex uses persuasive arguments to convince Dad to give him a room of his own. Identify each, and explain why or why not you think this argument will work.

Example:  “In the first letter to Mom, Alex makes the argument that Ethan is noisy when he sleeps. He says Ethan sounds like the cat coughing up furballs.  I think that argument might work to get his own room because kids need their rest.”

2. Make a list of descriptive words used in “I Wanna New Room” that help Alex make his argument.  Define the word, tell how it was used in the story, and tell why or why not you think the word can help make a persuasive argument.

Example:  “Fed-up”:  Having reached the limits of patience with somebody or something. Alex uses “fed-up” when he is explaining to Dad how Ethan sticks crayons up his nose and barks like a walrus.  I think using this word can help him get what he wants because it is a strong word, and shows that he doesn’t want to deal with Ethan anymore.

3. Alex really wants his own room and makes many arguments to Mom and Dad to try to get it.  In the end of the story, however, Dad makes a “compromise.”  Define the word compromise and explain what the compromise in the story was.

4. Think about your own life and what might be something important you would like to have.  How would you go about asking your mother or father for it?  Remember to use descriptive words and persuasive arguments.

Letter Writing:

In “I Wanna New Room,” Alex uses the technique of writing letters to Dad to try to get his own room.  Show the different parts of a letter (i.e.the salutation, the body, the closing signature) and have children write their own letters, asking Mom or Dad for something important.

Using Imagination:     

1.  In “I Wanna New Room,” there are several pages that just use illustration, no written text. One page shows Alex and his Dad building a tree house; another shows how lonely Alex is without a playmate. Why do you think the author chose to do this? Try making up your own text for those pages.

2.  Alex had many outrageous thoughts about what he would want in his new room (i.e.  bowling alley, skateboard ramp.)  Think about what you would want in your own “dream” room.  Use detailed words and pictures to create the room you would really want.

3. Alex learns to appreciate his brother in “I Wanna New Room” and ends up inviting him to play with him in his new tree house.  What person/people in your life do you appreciate most?  Write an essay explaining why you appreciate them, and what you can do for them.

Games and Activities

​Below are some games and activities for your kids or the classroom. Select and click on the desired link below, drag image to desktop and print.



       New Room Coloring Page                    Find Captain Creep Maze                       New Room Word Search