Persuasive Writing Lesson Plans for students (grades 2 – 4 ):

1. Alex uses many persuasive arguments to convince Mom to let him take Mikey’s iguana. Identify each, and explain why or why not you think this argument will work.   

​Example:  “In one letter, Alex tells Mom that iguanas are really small. This is a good argument but I don’t think that will convince Mom because the iguana can grow to be big.”

2. Think of something you might want to have and write a paragraph explaining why you should have it.  Use at least three examples of persuasion.   

Example:  I would like a bike. If I had a bike, I could get to my friend’s house quicker.  If I rode a bike to my friend’s house, my mom wouldn’t have to drive me. Riding a bike is good exercise.

3. Mom’s letters back to Alex contain reasons why she doesn’t think he should have an iguana. Do you think these arguments are funny? Give some examples of Mom’s funny responses.

4. In one letter, Mom tells Alex he can have the iguana “on a trial basis.” Why do you think this would be a good compromise to his persuasive arguments? Do you think compromising is a good way to solve an argument? Why?

Letter Writing:

1. “I Wanna Iguana” uses the technique of letter writing to tell a story. Show the different parts of a letter:
- The salutation
- The body
- The closing signature

2. Have the children write their own letters: - Asking Mom or Dad for something important.- Asking the President to do something important- Asking their favorite Author to come visit their classroom.

 Vocabulary Learning Adjectives:

When Alex signs his name at the end of each letter in “I Wanna Iguana,” he uses adjectives (a word that describes a noun) to help persuade Mom to give him the iguana.

Define the following adjectives found in “I Wanna Iguana” and explain why Alex chose them.
1. Sensitive
2. Adorable
3. Smart
4. Mature
5. Lonely
6. Grossed-out
7. Responsible

​Games and Activities

Below are some games and activities for your kids or the classroom. Select and click on the desired link below, drag image to desktop and print.

      Iguana Coloring Page                                        Find Lurch Maze                                I Wanna Word Search